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Some words about myself

That's me
I joined this world over 40 years ago. It came to me to live in diverse eras, in different civilization codes. They were diametrically and dramatically different. Probably, that's why I tasted a lot in my life, and now I have wider vision and deeper feeling of it. This is the taste of bitter ale with tiny portions of delicate desserts.

Coffee with black pepper. Strawberry and ice cream at option.

Some official facts about me:

I started from linguistics, English and German, translation and interpretation, in early 90's. PhD. Later on I worked as sales and busines development manager, forwarding and shipping agent at a sea shipping agency, as deputy director of a fast food factory, forwarding agent, head of international sales department, owner of an IT company, sales and marketing director, CEO etc. Of course, during these years I had a lot of happy customers, satisfied clients, shipowners and vessels' crews, owners and top managers of large banks, large e-banking software development companies, huge production plants and exclusive factories of cosmetics industry etc. I had large successful sales in various industries (even one hydrofoil holiday cruiser ship, a couple of bulkers and one ferry). I am experienced, result oriented, highly self-motivated, seasoned, ambitious, possesing a lot of skills and proven track record in sales & business development, project management and all related bla-bla-bla. Any incredible bla-bla-bla details more about these bla-bla-bla are available upon request.

Other more real bla-bla-blas that I cannot keep myself from doing during all this time (over 20 years already) :

  • I draw with pen, pencil and digital drawing tablet.
  • I paint with oil on cartoon, linen, fiberboards, walls etc.
  • I draw/paint/make photo portraits (after photo and "live").
  • I design and draw illustrations (vector, raster, hand-drawn) for books, booklets, magazines, brochures, for myself.
  • I create logotypes and icons.
  • I create special artworks with mixed techniques, hi-tech and electronics including.
  • I model, visualize, render, compose with 3D technologies for static pictures and video reels.
  • I compose music for the movies I create, for special marketing campaigns and just for myself.
  • I design stationaries for personal/corporate brand style designs and many other things, hardware design including.
  • I design, develop and program websites. (This one too.)
  • I develop software and websites. (I program in C++, C#, Java (ME/SE/EE), Delphi, PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc.)
  • I can dig and solder. Deeply and precisely.
  • I can shift a bulk carrier from one berth to another. Deadweight 3500-5000 tons. Laden or in ballast.
  • I can drive a Mack Type truck with multi-axle trailer 1242.74 miles one way.
  • I love children, women and blues.
  • English/German: fully fluent.
  • Five more European languages: declaration of love, bargain with a taxi driver or birthday greeting letter :-).
  • My happy customers, lovers and friends of my art live in the US, Germany, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan.

The most dominating feature of mine is the passion of creating Arts, which I cannot resist. Art of Life. Art of Creation.