Arts & Crafts by Eugene E. Anisimov

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Power of Creation

You cannot create anything better than God. With Him you can. And even far more.

Howdy, Stranger! Thank you for dropping in. I hope you will find something interesting for you on these pages. This is the place where I gather my creative powers to share with you. Those I have gathered for over than 20 years and will do it in future. Those ones have been embodied into fine arts like graphical scetches, drawings, oil and water color paintings; someting I have done with 3D visualization technologies; advertising videos for marketing purposes; music and other things to be added later shortly. These ones are available under my showcase page. I am opened to new ideas, propositions and appreciate feedback from you.

I've been doing various things in my life. Business development and sales, maritime transportation and IT programming, hardware development and design. The more, the better. Not intentionally, just the life went this way. In fact, at all ends it was just the heading period. Even through the dozens of years I follow this calling of creation. A kind of chase for some unknown elusive solution, enumeration of possibilities, search for billions of variants to find the best fit answer. Experiment based art science, I'd say. The way I do it my way.

Synergies generate Cosmos

Universe consists of us. We create it. It creates us. Galaxies create galaxies.

Almost 15 last years I have been involved into information technologies. Initially as a sales and marketing specialist, business development later on, simultaneously studying programming and applying it in various projects worldwide, plus a lot of related stuff one normally needs being within this business. This added a good stuff add-value and big deal of practical experience but I had this softly buzzing feeling that this is not just the main target I have been navigating to. It happens in life, you know.

But it is always pure fun for me to create something new using the experiences I've gained. Just like every human being is a universe, I think, the same notion can be used to determine micro-universes of human activity and knowledge. Using them all, it's possible to learn and create at the same time. And create other universes.