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"PureFunc"© - Pure Functional Art

Synergetic "Augmented Art Reality" Project

I am happy to present my first works of the PureFunc© series to the public. It took me almost 4 years to implement my visions into oil paints, canvas plus some technology.

PureFunc© is the synergy project, which was born as the junction of art and technological decisions. Besides the actually art value in the form of oil paintings within this project, it is believed to bear practical value with possibility of their application for art tasks only. It is possible to tell that it is the project of "augmented art reality". Perhaps, somewhere naive, with the roots in the childhood, the desire to connect the two-dimensional drawn world to the three-dimensional one, it has gradually transformed to this project. Besides, "augmentation" of the PureFunc© artpieces is expanded with attempt to bring practical functionality into the artworks. That's why the name is PureFunc - Purely Functional Art. (Though, perhaps not so "pure" :-).) You decide. :-)

"The gentle light..."

oil on canvas, luminous colors, 45x60 cm, 2012-2016; Pyranha type LEDs, electric circuitry, 6F22 type 9V battery, hand-made lanterns, wooden houses, grass and flowers.

The way to hell is practically always easy, smooth and often very well lit; often this is a six-lane highway. The way to the God and the Kingdom Of Heaven is very hard, the roads to it are very difficult. But the goal is worth going the very this way.

The artpiece has several sight states: daytime, daytime with LEDs on, nighttime, dawn and deep night.

Several interior views

"Time and Beauty"

oil on canvas, luminous colors, 50,5x74 cm, 2017; supporting frame, real full functional alarm clock, hand-made bezel and clock glass (plastic). Fully functional alarm setting up.

Eternal question of time, beauty and wasting them.

The artpiece has several sight states: daytime, nighttime, twilight and deep night.

Several interior views