Arts & Crafts by Eugene E. Anisimov


Full Cycle Web Development on LAMP, GlassFish, JBoss, Maintenance and Support - Macromedia/Adobe (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, PS) – building and publishing, support.

Programming/Architecting/Localization/Project/Team Management for (С++, C#, .NET - MS Visual Studio; Borland; Java ME/ Java SE/Java 2EE, JBoss – Eclipse, Netbeans, IDEA; ObjectC for iOS platform).

Mobile Software Development (iOS / Android Apps Design and Development).

Intranet/Internet networks (plotting, mounting, programming, technical and online support, security etc.)

Computer networks administration – Windows, Linux/Unix.

CG (2D & 3D) – arts (hand-made and digital, design, modelling, visualization (3D/2D), marketing and sales oriented.

Web Development

Some of the web sites, I have developed. Design, page-proofs, content, administration, imaging, programming (CSS, JavaScript, PHP) etc.

Business Development Agency

Bureau Ost-Vertreter

Private Hotel

NETinfo plc

Electronic Banking Systems

NETinfo plc

Software Development

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